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In the changing business environment, rural as well as urban Nepali small and medium businesses still have

Promotion and use

of appropriate


For hardware, software and powerback up, locally assembled or available resources are the effective solutions for sustained and cost effective services and maintenance. 

Magnus wins


IPMA Achievement Awards 2013

Magnus wins coveted IPMA Achievement Awards 2013!

Promotion and use of appropriate technologies

For all computer hardware, we promote locally assembled/available CPUs, LCD monitors, solar panels and power backup system. With the locally assembled CPU purchase, local service is guaranteed; with LCD monitors, as we all know, less energy compared to CRT is consumed; with locally available PV cells and power backup systems, service is much more accessible to reduce the down time.  Magnus has also piloted Renewable Energy Technology (RET) at SFC to conduct feasibility study: whether, without government subsidies on RETs, coops can, on their own, invest in such infrastructure. (See the appreciation letter from Chayanpur SFC, Dhading.)  

For software, we promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools. In line to this, mifos was developed in Java technology and we are customizing it; Simple Finance software is re-written in Java technology (from MS IDE) FinNET Pro for Microfinance Banks, FinNET for MFIs and Nepal Kanun Patrika the automated search engine for Gazettes, all are written in Java technology. 

As internet is being diffused to our partner coops and MFIs, online services are being piloted through strategic alliance with

Not only the hardware, software and power backup systems competence will suffice, but competencies to understand the business logic of clients, custom develop the systerms, and train through behavior change strategies is what makes us different and key player in the sector. 

Latest News

Bilingual Website Developed and Launched

For the first time in Nepali history, a content based bilingual website targeted for rural users has been developed and launched.

Magnus in Grameen Foundation Newsrelease

"Nepal is proving to be the first testing ground for building an independent ecosystem for Mifos, Grameen Foundation’s open source information management platform"

Public-domain software package in Health Institution Survey

Magnus used CSPro software package for Health Institution Survey and Survey of Women Questionnaire for an international researcher.