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In the changing business environment, rural as well as urban Nepali small and medium businesses still have

Promotion and use

of appropriate


For hardware, software and powerback up, locally assembled or available resources are the effective solutions for sustained and cost effective services and maintenance. 

Magnus wins


IPMA Achievement Awards 2013

Magnus wins coveted IPMA Achievement Awards 2013!



Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepal-based company that operates as social enterprise offering range of services for social transformation through the use of ICT. Generating its own financial resources, it focuses on diffusing ICT infrastructure in rural areas through community based organizations, spurring demand on ICT usage and content (particularly agriculture) and developing on-line local content to rapidly increase ICT adoption among underserved communities.  

Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2004 to achieve following:

1. To provide affordable, quality solutions to better the lives of people in underserved areas through use of ICT;
2. To develop ICT interventions and behavior change strategies for rapid adoption of ICT;
3. To develop local ICT capacity;
3. To develop tailored capacity building curricula and provide training; 
3. To develop local content;
4. To inject into low cost but high value ICT solutions;
5. To enable ICT access for all in sustainable fashion; and
6. To provide ICT related policy advice to Government of Nepal and other stakeholders.

Executives leading the company in strategic direction

[Former CEO/Co-Founder] Mr. Tikajit Rai has MSc. in ICT from Assumption University, Bang-Na Campus, Thailand and BSc. in E.E. from University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA. Magnus Consulting Group is Mr. Rai's third company (first in Nepal, two in the USA). Mr. Rai has many years of US-based professional project management and team leading experience in entrepreneurship, business development and ICT/engineering projects. He also serves as the president of Project Management of Nepal (PMAN).

[Acting CEO/Co-Founder] Mr. Bishnu Gautam, has a bachelor's degree in commerce and IT certification from Australia. Mr. Gautam has many years of experience in micro-finance sector including Grameen model and array of micro-credit cooperatives including Small Farmers Cooperatives.

Team for the cause

The company team is comprised of 30 staffs with both software/IT engineering and commerce/finance background. There are 9 regional staffs--designated as Magnus Social Entrepreneurs--who provides services to clients and strategic partners outside of Kathmandu Valley.

Latest News

Bilingual Website Developed and Launched

For the first time in Nepali history, a content based bilingual website targeted for rural users has been developed and launched.

Magnus in Grameen Foundation Newsrelease

"Nepal is proving to be the first testing ground for building an independent ecosystem for Mifos, Grameen Foundation’s open source information management platform"

Public-domain software package in Health Institution Survey

Magnus used CSPro software package for Health Institution Survey and Survey of Women Questionnaire for an international researcher.