Transform your Business

with the Correct

ICT Solution

In the changing business environment, rural as well as urban Nepali small and medium businesses still have

Promotion and use

of appropriate


For hardware, software and powerback up, locally assembled or available resources are the effective solutions for sustained and cost effective services and maintenance. 

Magnus wins


IPMA Achievement Awards 2013

Magnus wins coveted IPMA Achievement Awards 2013!


Our services reflect our belief to transform society through the use of technology. However, our experience has shown that working in areas with diverse needs means that the services we provide needs to be dynamic and not just technology focused. Through our years, based on our experience, it has been evident that our clients expect diverse types of services as well. This has led us to expand our own expertise while forming partnership with other like-minded organizations to provide quality cross-sectional services to our clients.

In our attempt to define our services here are some catch-phrases you might hear (don't be alramed).

"If its micro, we do it" - This means we are involved in providing solutions, as bottom-up, for micro-, small-  and medium- enterprises.

"Yes we can do that" - A portfolio of services we provide.

"We don't do that, but we will get it done" - This means we take charge of the project and have it implemented through our expert partners, and success stories include business consulting, graphic design, marketing strategies, and gap analysis.


Magnus Approach

Magnus’s Approach is to transform your business through the correct solution.  We can:

     1. Identify key areas that directly correlate with your business strategy
     2. Identify gaps in your current infrastructure.
     3. Recommend the correct IT solution.
     4. Identify the correct implementation strategy
     5. Provide appropriate training.
     6. Manage your IT infrastructure
     7. Provide domain expertise to streamline your operations and expand your reach

Thus our services include (but not limited to) Software, ICT Infrastructure,  Business Consulting, Market Survey and Technology Survey.

To learn more about Magnus's expertise and offerings, and how we can help you,  please contact us.

Latest News

Bilingual Website Developed and Launched

For the first time in Nepali history, a content based bilingual website targeted for rural users has been developed and launched.

Magnus in Grameen Foundation Newsrelease

"Nepal is proving to be the first testing ground for building an independent ecosystem for Mifos, Grameen Foundation’s open source information management platform"

Public-domain software package in Health Institution Survey

Magnus used CSPro software package for Health Institution Survey and Survey of Women Questionnaire for an international researcher.