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Magnus wins


IPMA Achievement Awards 2013

Magnus wins coveted IPMA Achievement Awards 2013!

Bilingual Website Developed and Launched

Through partnership with High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT), USAID ICT-Global Development Alliance (ICT-GDA) and Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd., for the first time in Nepali history, a content based bilingual website targeted for rural users has been developed and launched on June 19th, 2008.

The objective of the website is to demonstrate following:

     1. How telecenters can facilitate access to information from the website to rural users;
     2. Why there is a need of digitization and archiving of Nepali content;
     3. Why localization experts are required;
     4. How demand of information from rural areas can be generaged; and
     5. Why Nepal government must understand the need of content development.

The website, by no means, is a complete package. Rather, it is an initial framework that needs to be developed both vertically (sector-wise) and horizontally (content-wise).  In terms of content, the project scope was to identify existing content from stakeholder-meetings participants on agriculture, education, health and livelihood and to customize them for the site. For the architecture, Web2.0 comformity was not required as 'content' has been deemed more important at this stage.

Eventhough, in-depth content identifications and development (including localization and digitization) are not within the scope project, Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. will take the project further ahead by establishing dialogue with both government and concerned development sector actors and generating funds in order to enhancing the site into more content-rich portal which also conforms to Web2.0 standard. Please, contact us for more information.    

Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. is also member of Rural Telecenters Coordination Committee (RTCC) at HLCIT.


Posted :13/07/2008

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Bilingual Website Developed and Launched

For the first time in Nepali history, a content based bilingual website targeted for rural users has been developed and launched.

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