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Banking and Microfinance Sector

Banking and MFI in rural space have been our main clients for our software solutions. From rural and microfinance development bank to SACCOs to small farmer agriculture cooperatives to MFIs, our success narratives are penned by the impactful transformation of these institutions with the integration of ICT. What was thought to be near-to-impossible to generate demands from such rural financial institutions, now there are 250 of these subscribing to our ICT solutions. Following are critical activities to realize this success narratives:

  1. We understand your business and the process behind it.
  2. We will help you streamline your business processes.
  3. Based on the change, we develop customized ICT solutions.
  4. Our BCI strategies are proven ways to help you believe and embark on ICT integration journey.
  5. We have 8 regional offices to make sure we have service of optimal quality.
  6. We build partnership with you for the long haul.